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Hawaii Karate Kenkyukai -- Seisan

This is just a note to mention that I have resumed training with the Hawaii Karate Kenkyukai.  It is very good to be back with my friends.  We had a training last Saturday (at Nakata Sensei's Campbell Avenue dojo, now under Yokota Sensei), and as usual, I learned a lot.

The subject for the training was the Seisan kata.  Since my "style" does not practice Seisan, I tried my best to learn the kata by watching Sensei Angel Lemus' fine video on Youtube, and I also visited his dojo and learned the basics of the kata from his wife, Sensei Judy Lemus.

I had asked permission to perform the kata during the Kenkyukai training with Lemus Sensei's group.  Of course, I messed it up both times!

The kata has a pretty simple format, and I can do it (poorly) alone.  But when I did the kata with Angel and Judy, I tended to mess up the footwork and throw in extra movements when I got confused.

I have no illusions that anyone can learn an excellent kata, such as Seisan, quickly.  Mostly I wanted to begin to learn the kata because I know that it was central to the teaching of Chotoku Kyan.  My "style" comes from Kyan Sensei (and Motobu Sensei), so I wondered about this important kata that we do not perform.

Also, now that I am 58, I find that learning something completely different is good from my mind.  Kata involves issues of timing, spatial placement, body alignment, footwork, weight distribution, applications, and so many different things.  A good kata is always a lifelong challenge.

I will write more about Seisan later.


Charles C. Goodin