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EDC Knife

I am a very peaceful and non-threatening person -- and I carry a knife just about all the time.  My EDC (everyday carry) knife of choice, at this time, is a black Heckler & Koch Ally, partially serrated folding knife with a glass break.

I like it because it is light, fits in my pocket well, and has a clip that holds it nicely in place.

I like partially serrated knives just in case I need to cut a seat belt.  There recently has a tour helicopter crash in Pearl Harbor.  One of the passengers was trapped.  A rescuer had to cut the passenger's seat belt, and mentioned that he was lucky to have had a serrated knife.  Sadly, the passenger subsequently died.

I am mentioning about my EDC knife, because if I carry a knife, just imagine how many other people also do so.  I carry a knife for safety in the event of an emergency, not self defense.  But I am sure that there are people who carry a knife for malicious reasons.  My knife is securely clipped in my pocket.  Others may have a knife that is more readily available.

In the past, I learned that you always should assume that an attacker is armed.  More and more, I believe this to be good advice.


Charles C. Goodin