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Prepping For... A Zombie Apocalypse

I have mentioned that I am a prepper.  Some people study martial arts for self-defense in the event of a zombie apocalypse (marauding hordes of helpless people made desperate by some disaster).

Self defense is indeed a very useful and necessary skill and ability -- one that requires training and practice.

But... before you can apply self defense against the zombies (whatever that term may represent), you have to survive the disaster.  First comes the disaster, then the zombies.  You are going to have to go through and survive the same disaster that produced the zombies.

Take a serious earthquake.  In the aftermath of the shaking, fires, tsunami, etc., there may well be desperate times producing desperate people who want what you have.  But you will not get to that point unless you survive the shaking, fires, tsunami, etc.  Are you prepared for an earthquake?  Do you have the necessary supplies (water, food, medical supplies, etc.)?  Do you have a disaster plan for your family?  Do you have a bugout bag at home, and a get home bag at work and in your car?  Heck, I know people with secret supply caches buried in secret bugout locations.

If you are not prepared, the odds are that even if you survive the disaster you might become one of the zombies -- a helpless person made desperate by the disaster.  Then, what would you use your martial arts skills for?


Charles C. Goodin