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One of My Student's Recent Accomplishment

I do not have many students at this time.

One of my students has trained with me for about 7 years.  During that time he has earned a Master's Degree at the University of Hawaii, been promoted to the rank of Captain in the United States Army Reserve (he previously served in active duty as a Marine), and just this last week was accepted for a Master's degree program at Georgetown University.  These are just some of the things he has accomplished since I have know him.

Of course, I cannot take any credit for his accomplishments -- they are all a result of his hard work and dedication.  However, I have tried to emphasize that Karate is not just what we do in the dojo, nor is it just self-defense.  An important part of Karate training is applying the lessons we learn to our daily lives.

And, for me, Karate should not be the best thing that you do.  If you are good at Karate and bad at everything else, then what kind of Karate student are you?  But if you are great at everything else and good at Karate, then what a Karate student you are!

As a "Sensei" (I don't like to call myself that), an important part of my "job" is to encourage students to strive for the best in their lives.  Karate training is hard.  Life is much harder.  If you can learn to discipline yourself for the rigors of Karate training, then perhaps you can apply that same discipline to other aspects of your life.  If you can be polite and respectful in the dojo, then you can do the same in school and work.  Karate should help you in your life.

So when my student was accepted to Georgetown University, I celebrate that -- at least in part -- as a Karate accomplishment -- as part of his broader training.

What a job well done!


Charles C. Goodin