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Clean Dojo?

In many martial arts schools, it is traditional to start the new year by cleaning the dojo.  I often did this over the years.

 However, I always say that your home should be cleaner than the dojo.  Don't get me wrong -- the dojo should be clean.  But you should not have a clean dojo and a dirty home.  Clean your home first -- then clean the dojo.

Someone who only cleans the dojo, but not the home, is sort of like a person who is pious only in church.

When you see a clean dojo, that should tell you that everyone in the dojo has cleaned their homes first.  When you see students practicing hard in the dojo, that should tell you that they have attended to their work and/or school work first.

Karate is something you should do well after you have done everything else you need to do well.  Being good at Karate and bad at everything else is not being good at Karate.

Happy New Year!


Charles C. Goodin