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Merry Christmas From Beautiful Hawaii

Merry Christmas from beautiful Hawaii.  It is nice and sunny today after about a week of on and off drizzling.

I am planning to resume posting to my Karate Thoughts Blog.  For those of you who have inquired, thank you.  I am fine.  Now I am 58!

Next year should be very interesting and exciting with the planned completion of the Karate-Do Kaikan facility in Okinawa.  I have been having occasional meetings and updates on the project during the last two years.  Much more to come on this.

Let us all train sincerely.  My senior friend James Miyaji often told me that Karate training is like boiling water -- if you remove the heat it the water will become cold.  I believe that Gichin Funakoshi also said this, but regardless of the source, it is a good and true saying.  Karate cannot only be something you think about... it must be something you do (in your daily life).

Merry Christmas, as well, to my good friend Sensei Pat Nakata in Karate heaven, along with the many Karate seniors who passed away.  Great people rarely become that way without the inspiration of other great people.  Nakata Sensei, to me, was a truly great person, but you should have heard the stories he told about the Karate teachers who inspired him, particularly Choshin Chibana.


Charles C. Goodin