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A Centipede Bite

Last night I was working in my garden in the back of my house.  It is cooler at night and the area is well lit, so I sometimes prefer nighttime gardening.

Anyway, when I was almost done re-potting some plants, I felt a sting on my left calf.  I looked down and there was a 4 inch centipede, not the big one with blue legs, but the smaller fast one.  I brushed it off but the damage was done.  I went inside to wash the bite, put rubbing alcohol, some neosporin, and some cortizone.  It burned for a few hours (like a jellyfish sting) but that was it.

So here is the point.  I looked down at that centipede on my leg and thought that is must be thinking: "Take that Karate man!  Block this!"  Just keeping it real.

I think this was my first centipede bite.  Lucky I am not allergic.  Most people don't know this but we have little scorpions here too -- I saw one a month ago in my eldest son's yard.  I will have to be more careful.


Charles C. Goodin