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Strength -- Keeping It Real

The other day I was playing around with my second son, Charles, who is 26.  He weighs about 180 pounds and is almost 6 feet tall.  I weight about 173 pounds and am 5 foot 8 inches.

We were kind of playing Sumo -- trying to push each other around the living room.  When I get down lower, I have a little advantage.  But I know that Charles is much stronger.

We were going back and forth, when Charles decided he had enough and picked me up and put me on his shoulder.  He would not put me down until I gave up, which I promptly did.

The thing is that he picked me up so easily.  He also held me on his shoulder (upside down) with no problem.  I really was helpless.

Now I know that I could have hit him, or poked his eyes, or bit him on the neck... but my point is that he is so strong -- way stronger than me.  In a contest of strength, he would win and I would lose for sure.  And he is not that strong!  I think that he can bench about 275 pounds.  He had a friend in high school who could bench 500 something!  My third son can bench 300 something.

When we speak about self defense, we have to keep it real.  There are strong people out there.  If Charles could pick me up that easily, he could have just as easily slammed me down on a fire hydrant or on a curb.  And I weigh 173 pounds.  Imagine how easily he could have lifted or thrown a 100 pound person.

Good thing we were just playing around.


Charles C. Goodin