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Passing of Sensei Walter Rowden

I have learned that Sensei Walter Rowden of Belleville, Illinois, passed away on October 2nd.  He was 76.

I met Rowden Sensei three times when I attended Matsubayashi-Ryu Seminars in Toronto, St. Louis, and Los Angeles.  I also met him when he came to Hawaii and visited with Sensei William Rabacal.

Rowden Sensei was always very kind to me.  He was a gentleman.  We corresponded over the years on the subject of bunkai.  He was always curious about applications and exploring different ways to interpret the meanings of the movements in kata. He was very open minded, and would even discuss things with a youngster like me.

I was inspired by Rowden Sensei's constant desire to learn and improve himself.  That is something we call can learn from.

To all students -- please do not take your Sensei for granted.  Life is very short and unpredictable.  Learn all that you can while you can, and let your Sensei know that you appreciate them.


Charles C. Goodin