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Missing Class

One of my students recently had to miss class because he had to study for a college course.  When I spoke to him, I mentioned that if he was studying for his college course, that is what he was supposed to be doing -- that is Karate.  If he came to Karate when he should have been studying for his college course, then even though he would have been at Karate class, that would not have been Karate.

Doing what we are supposed to be doing is the nature of Karate training.  I should add that doing what we are supposed to be doing -- and doing it well, to the best of our ability -- is Karate training.

We should not do things in a weak or halfhearted way.  We should always try our best.  This also means that we should be careful to do things that are worthwhile and positive.


Charles C. Goodin