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Look First...

In kata, I often tell my students that they have to look first when changing directions.  The explanation I usually give is, "What if it's a truck instead of a person... you can't block a truck!"

But the other day, I thought of another explanation.  You have to make sure that you are blocking or striking the right person.  You would not want to block or strike your friend or a loved one.

In Karate, we learn to use techniques that certainly can injure others.  Even though we only use such techniques for self defense, we still have to be careful not to injure the wrong people.  Hey, if  someone is trying to injure of kill me, I think he or she deserves to get hurt (or worse).  But I absolutely do not want to hurt an innocent bystander.

So look first.  It might be truck or an innocent bystander.

And when you look, just look.  Don't do it for dramatic effect.  I hate that.  Just look -- like when you change lanes when driving.


Charles C. Goodin