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Kendo Demonstration

Yesterday, I participated in a Kendo demonstration with my eldest son Chris (age 30), at his daughter's (my granddaughter's) preschool.  Chris explained the basics of Kendo to the children and I, in full bogu, stood by so that he could point out the striking targets (men, kote and do).  After his talk, the children took turns hitting me!

I actually studied Kendo and took Chris with me when he was only about 3 or 4.  It must have made an impression because he still practices Kendo.  He was a member of Hawaii's team to the world tournament twice and actually will participate in a tournament on Kauai this weekend.

Chris, Maddy and Grandpa

So even though we were speaking to children who were only 3 of 4, it is possible that they will be inspired to study Kendo or another martial art -- even Karate -- one day.

I was never very skilled at Kendo, but I think that I could have defeated these kids -- except this one who hit me like a pinata!

By the way, the bogu I am wearing is actually one I purchased a couple of years ago for kobudo practice.  I thought that it might come in handy when we practice bo.


Charles C. Goodin