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You could say that I am a "prepper."  Living here in Hawaii, we have to be prepared for hurricanes and tsunami, among other things, and the disruption of public services that can result.  My father was in the military and I was a Boy Scout, so prepping is in my blood.  Plus, my eldest son's good friend Darin has been a big influence on me.  He is from Kauai and they seem to get it bad whenever we have a hurricane (Hilo too).  So he has grown up with an awareness of the need to be prepared.

This week I purchased a really nice bugout bag.  The brand doesn't matter, but the person selling it had included "SHTF BOB" in the title.  It took me a while, but I finally realized what this means.

Shi* Hits The Fan Bug Out Bag

If you think about it, Karate is also something you need when the SHTF.


Charles C. Goodin