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Shozen Sunabe Article -- Part 2

I have proofed and finalized the second part of my article about Shozen Sunabe, a student of Chotoku Kyan.  I had not read it for a while, and it was interesting to hear Sunabe Sensei's words and memories again.

I usually submit some photos with my articles.  But David Chambers, the publisher of Classical Fighting Arts, often supplies his own photos or those of other contributors.  This time, I was blown away.  There were two photographs I had never seen before!  I would purchase the magazine, just for the photos (in my articles and others).

There are also some very nice photos in my editorial about Mitsugi Kobayashi (student of Seko Higa).

As I have mentioned before, because my articles appear quite a while after I wrote them, I often forget about much of what I have written and it is like I am reading the articles for the first time.  I really mean this.  By the time I get to read an article, I might have written others and  worked on other projects, such a lectures or exhibits.  I am always working on projects.  I figure that there will be time to remember what I have written later.  And nothing is as important as training -- right?

I do hope that more young Karate instructors will write about the art.  Just start with one article about something that interests you.  Once you get into writing, the words will just flow!  You will find your voice, and then I can read your articles!


Charles C. Goodin