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No Gi Is Fine With Me

My second son, Charles, is the head of our dojo.  I have mentioned that he does not like to wear a gi.  Most of the students in our dojo wear a white gi bottom and a white T-shirt (usually a Hawaii Karate Museum T-shirt).

Not Charles.  He just wears shorts and a T-shirt.  I think he wears basketball shorts.  He does not care about a gi at all.  Since he is the head of the dojo, what can I say?  He always tells me that I am the one who said that gi, belts, and rank are unimportant.

I still wear a traditional gi and belt, but that it probably half because I am an old fut, and half because I get cold easily.  It also helps with new students who wonder who is in charge.

But I agree that a gi is unnecessary.  The trappings of Karate often become traps.

If you eliminate the gi, belts, rank, titles, patches, embroidery, trophies, medals, plaques, certificates, positions, organizations, politics, commercial aspects, tournaments, and drama, what are you left with?

TRAINING.  And you do not need a gi to train.

Plus, I have always hated loud gi.


Charles C. Goodin