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More Promotion Advice

Tonight I spoke to the student who was promoted Monday night.  I recommended that he (and other students) concentrate on skill and conditioning -- these are things that cannot be taken from you.  I told the student, "Monday I promoted you, today I could demote you.  Rank is an arbitrary thing."

If you are good at Karate you are good whether I say so or not.  Certainly a person who might attack you won't care about your rank -- he probably won't even know that you study Karate.

If you are promoted -- good!  Now keep training and help the other students.  Keep going.  Enjoy the moment and get back to work -- the work on yourself.  Hey, almost none of the students even wear belts in our dojo.  Most wear a gi bottom and T-shirt with no belt.  So the belt itself mean nothing.  It is the skill that counts.  Keep working on skill.

Would you rather be a 1st degree black belt with a skill level of 3, or a 3rd degree black belt with a skill level of 1?  It sounds like a ridiculous question but I am serious.  Rank is so arbitrary, particularly when you look at many schools.  Can you imagine being a 7th degree black belt with a skill level of 1?

If you are promoted -- good! Don't let it get in the way of your training.

If you are promoted -- good!  You are on the right track. You've learned a lot and there is a great deal more to learn!


Charles C. Goodin