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Emergency Types

In an emergency, I have observed that there are four types of people:

  • A seemingly strong person who loses it and cries like a baby.
  • A seemingly calm person who gets really angry and curses.
  • A seemingly normal person who becomes super calm and focused on dealing with the emergency.
  • A clueless person who doesn't even realize that there is an emergency.
The first type is pretty useless in an emergency and often becomes one of the victims.

The second type cannot focus on the emergency because his anger blinds him.  He just gets in the way.

The third type is how Karate students are supposed to be.  He rises to the occasion.  He does what needs to be done.  He saves other people. He seems to summon superhuman strength, not just physically, but of will and determination as well.  He is prepared for emergencies because he prepares for emergencies.

The fourth type is also useless in an emergency and is usually one of the victims.

I might have missed some other types.  But over the years I have definitely observed that the third type of person is not necessarily the one you would expect.  This person rises when there is a need and fades back when the emergency is over.  Thank goodness for such people!

What type of person are you?  How about the people around you?  Can they count on you, and can you count on them? -- maybe this guy will lose it, this guy will fly into a rage, this guy will be clueless...

And of course when I use the word "he" in this post, I mean "he" or "she".


Charles C. Goodin