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Yesterday evening, I had the pleasure of meeting several  instructors and students of the Okinawa Shorinji-ryu Toude Zentokukai, at the home of my good friends, Sensei Angel Lemus and his wife, Sensei Judy Lemus.  The Zentokukai, traces its lineage to Chotoku Kyan.  So does my system, Kishaba Juku Shorin-Ryu, so we are cousins in the art.

Among the visiting instructors was Sensei Tim Rodgers from Miami.  He is Sensei Lemus' instructor.

I found that I had a great deal in common with the members of the the Zentokukai.  The attitude we share appears to be this: Karate is training -- period.  These people train sincerely and hard, and I admire that.

My best wishes and respect to all the members of the Zentokukai.  Thank you for continuing the legacy of Chotoku Kyan and Zenryo Shimabukuro.

By the way, Angel Lemus Sensei mentioned to me that he filmed more One Minute Bunkai videos during the visit of his friends.  So please check out the website over the coming day.  I heard the Chinto video is great.


Charles C. Goodin