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My Posts, My Student's Posts

I recently posted two Guest Posts by one of the students in our dojo.  I cannot tell you how happy it makes me when students start to think and write about Karate.

When I write something, it is like a 1 or a 2 to me.  When a student writes something, it is a 10!

Writing makes a student think and organize his thoughts.  Sometimes a student perform a movement pretty well, but does not understand what he is doing.  When a student can do it and understands it and can express it, then he can teach it!

Writing is a funny thing.  I took a class once about dreams.  Our assignment was to write down our dreams as soon as we woke up.  At first, I did not have much to write.  But within a few day, I had so much to write down that I had to stop -- it would simply take too long.

Once a student starts to think and write about his Karate experiences, it is like that -- there is just too much to write down.  But it is a useful process and makes for a much better teacher.

In the next issue of Classical Fighting Arts, the second part of my article about Shozen Sunabe (student of Chotoku Kyan) will appear.  I have also written the editorial for that issue.  It will be about Mitsugi Kobayashi, a Hawaii man who lived in Okinawa and studied Goju-Ryu under Seko Higa.  Kobayashi Sensei passed away in June at the age of 88.

I would like to encourage Karate students around the world to write about the art, especially about seniors like Sunabe Sensei and Kobayashi Sensei.  Get published!  Once you get one article published it will be easy.  One article, then ten, then 100!  Let's spread positive information about Karate.

And to my student, Peter, who wrote the last two Guest Posts, good job!  Please keep them coming.


Charles C. Goodin