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Super Typhoon Bolaven has just passed over Okinawa, as Hurricane Isaac approaches the Gulf Coast.  Here in Hawaii, we are also in hurricane season, and have been watching both storms.  My thoughts and prayers go out to people in both regions.

We are currently blessed with beautiful weather in Hawaii.  But we should learn from the experiences of people in Okinawa and the Gulf Coast.  The time to get ready is before the storm.  Long lines at grocery stores can be avoided by stocking up in advance.  Get ready now.

Three of the worst hurricanes to hit Hawaii were:

  • Hurricane Nina (1957)
  • Hurricane Iwa (1982)
  • Hurricane Iniki (1992)
My wife, Nayna, was born just a couple of months after Hurricane Nina and was actually named for the storm.  Imagine that!


Charles C. Goodin