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Hand Pressure Point -- Screwdriver

You know that pressure point in the hand, in the fleshy part between the thumb and index finger?  You know -- the one you can press when someone grabs your throat.

Well I was supposed to go fishing today, but last night I decided to try to fix one of my fishing reels (a cheap one).  I was using a small Phillips screwdriver, and I needed to press a little hard on a stubborn screw, and bam -- I've got the screwdriver about one inch into my hand, right in that pressure point!  It was a very clean puncture wound, with hardly any blood and not that much pain, at first.

A couple of hours later, after I got a Tetanus shot and some antibiotics at a nearby, crowded Emergency Room, I was contemplating the wound.  It was right in/on the pressure point.

I can say one thing for sure.  I don't think I could have made a very effective fist that night.  Even now, a day later, my grip is weaker than normal.  There isn't much paint -- a little dull ache -- but my grip is certainly weaker right now.

I imagine that in a fight, if your hand was stabbed or a finger or two were broken or bitten off, you would probably have a hard time using that hand.

As for pain at the pressure point, pain is a relative thing.  If you take a regular person and apply pressure to that point or others, they will probably wince and say that it hurts a lot.  In the heat of a fight, however, such pain might not seem so great.  An attacker who is breaking the law and may well be on drugs or drunk, might not feel the pain at all.  But if you broke his arm, that would cause mechanical damage -- even if he did not feel the pain.

A trained fighter or martial artist, can probably disconnect from most pain.

Anyway, I did not go fishing today and will not go tomorrow.  It is not because I couldn't use my hand -- it is because I don't want to get shrimp, squid, or fish guts in the wound.  I would rather let it heal.  But here is a photo of a little papio I caught last week.  Click to make it bigger.  It is probably thinking, "That's what you get for hooking me!"  I did release it safely, and see, I even put it on a wet towel when I took the photo so it would not get scratched on the rough rocks.

Man, it is not a good feeling to pull an inch of screwdriver out of your hand.  I will be more careful next time.


Charles C. Goodin