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Drama and Booze

I know this lady.  Due to medical issues, she has had to work very hard to get into shape. I recently asked her about her exercises and sports.  She told me that she had taken up a new sport but was going to quit because there was just too much drama and too much drinking after the activity.

Drama and booze? I felt very sorry for her.

But I wondered... How many people have felt the same way about Karate?

Too much drama.  Too much politics.  Too much favoritism.  Too much prejudice.  Too much bias.  Too much commercialism.  Too much ego.  Too much drama.

And then too much drinking afterwards.

Thank goodness for sincere, unselfish Karate instructors who teach traditional values and make the dojo a safe place for students to learn self-discipline, respect, kindness, patience -- and self defense too.

People who have time for drama are not training enough.  If you concentrate on training, there is neither the time nor the need for drama.  And when the class is over, I go home to my family.

Sincere training is the remedy for most Karate ailments.


Charles C. Goodin