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An Update About Me -- Sunabe Article

Aloha From Hawaii,

A couple of days ago I finished Part 2 of my article about Shozen Sunabe, the student of Chotoku Kyan.  I had originally written it as Part 2 of a 3 part article.  However, since there is going to be some activity in Okinawa later this year (probably) about Kyan Sensei, and also the possibility that some of our Hawaii Karate Museum photos might be included in an exhibit in Okinawa, I wanted to present as much information as possible now about Sunabe Sensei.

So I wrote Part 3 and combined it with Part 2.  That part is about 6,300 words.  But in the process, I realized that there is still more to write about Sunabe Sensei attending college in Japan, serving in the Japanese military, and his life here in Hawaii.  That will be a separate Part 3 to be published in the following issue of Classical Fighting Arts.

That is why I have not been posting.  But now I am caught up and can resume more normal activities.

If your style of Karate traces to Chotoku Kyan, I hope that you will read the Sunable article.  He trained under Kyan Sensei every day for 12 years from about 1925 to 1937.   He was a hidden Karate "bushi" living here in Hawaii.


Charles C. Goodin