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It seems that I can't help seeing commercials about how, now that I am over 50, I am probably suffering from  low testosterone.  Actually, I might have lost half of my testosterone already!

Let's put that aside for a moment.

But in this particular commercial, a man, about my age, mentions that he was two sons (about the ages of my 2nd and 3rd sons, and states that he is in better shape than them!

Well, I would like to say that my three sons, ages 30, 26 and 22, are in way better share than me!  They are taller, stronger, and generally faster.  They have always helped me to "keep it real" as a Karate teacher.  I could push then around easily when they were little, but once they hit high school age, they quickly became bigger and stronger than me.  My only chance was conditioning and skill -- and the fact that they take it easy on their dad.

But I am very proud that they are in better shape than me.  They should be!  I am their father and I do not want lazy, out of shape kids.  My daughter is in good shape too.

I always say that if my children do something good, I get credit as their father.  So if one of my sons can bench 320, so can I... sort of.  If one of my sons is good in Kendo, so am I.. sort of.  And if one of my sons is skilled in MMA, so am I... sort of.  My second son just passed the CPA examination.  Well, I'm sorry that I cannot take credit for that!  But I am proud of him!

I am very proud of all my children and students.  If I am a good father and teacher, they will certainly surpass me.  I expect them to!  That is what I am working toward day after day.  I am urging them on, and applauding their accomplishments.

And lastly, I believe that Karate training naturally increases testosterone.  I cannot prove it, but my Karate friends all seem to be very strong!  Call it "ki" or "chikara", I believe that Karate training keeps us strong, sharp, and young.  I may not be in better shape than my sons, but I am in better shape than many people my age -- because as a Karate student I am always training and working on myself.

The other day, my senior and friend, Sensei Pat Nakata, reminded me that Karate Sensei in Okinawa do not hit their prime until they are in their 70s!  I still have a little time to improve until then!


Charles C. Goodin