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A Poor Style?

This is a story.

A student was sitting in the stands at a tournament, waiting for his turn to participate in kumite (sparring).  All of a sudden -- poof -- Itosu Sensei appeared next to him.  They watched a match.  Later, the student was going to have to face one of the competitors.

"His style is very poor," stated Itosu Sensei.  "Your style is very good."

With that, the student gained confidence.  When his match came, he felt sure that he would easily defeat the other competitor.  But instead, he was defeated in seconds!

The student walked back to the stands and questioned Itosu Sensei.  "What happened?  You said that his style was very poor and my style is very good!"

"That is correct," replied Itosu.  "But that other student is very good at his very poor style, and you are very poor at your very good style."

Strive to be very good at what you do.  Styles don't have to defend themselves.  People do.  Also, never underestimate anyone or another style.  Overconfidence can make you blind and a big head is easy to hit!


Charles C. Goodin