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The Passing of Fumio Nagaishi and Mitsugi Kobayashi

I am very sorry to report the deaths of Sensei Fumio Nagaishi (about age 85) and Sensei Mitsugi Kobayashi (age 88) here in Hawaii earlier this month.  I attended Kobayashi Sensei's funeral last week.

I will not write about the backgrounds and great contributions of these two Sensei at this time.  But I wanted to report their deaths.  Both Sensei were members of the Hawaii Karate Kenkyukai.  Kobayashi Sensei was an Honorary Member.  If you visit the Kenkyukai website, you can see Nagaishi Sensei (wearing a lei) at the top of the page.

Sensei Bobby Lowe (age 82) of our Kenkyukai passed away only last year.

I am afraid I am reaching the age where I know as many Sensei "on the other side" as are living.  Please make the effort to learn as much as possible from your Sensei.  And it wouldn't hurt to take them some pastries or goodies once in a while.  Just sit and talk... and learn.  Don't take your Sensei or time for granted.


Charles C. Goodin