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Crying About Kata

This is a true story.

The other day, I was watching an online Karate video.  A friend had sent me the link.  Other videos were listed with the first video, and after I had clicked from one video to another a few times I found myself watching a video of a senior Karate instructor performing a basic kata.

The thing is that the performance was so technically flawed that it was truly amazing.  I was at work, and I called my wife over to watch the video (because it was so truly amazing in a negative sense).

After about 20 seconds, my wife started to cry.  Honestly, she started to cry.  She felt so bad for this senior Karate instructor.

I learned a lot that day from my wife.

It is easy to be critical when we watch Karate videos or other Karate students performing kata or demonstrating techniques -- but we have to remember that we are all fellow Karate students.


Charles C. Goodin