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Video Update

The video of our lecture at the University of Hawaii is about 95 minutes long. My friend, Sensei Angel Lemus, tried to upload a single video, which took a whole day. It turned out it is too long for Youtube. We need to split it into parts, which is being done now. I will let you know when the video is available, but wanted to give you the status.

In the meantime, perhaps you could visit Lemus Sensei's One Minute Bunkai website. His latest video is one he showed at our most recent Kenkyukai training session.

If I was making a bunkai team and got to pick members, Lemus Sensei would be tops on my list. At our Kenkyukai training, he showed an opening movement with an application. I asked him to show a different finishing movement, then another, and another. I think I stopped at 10 or 12, each of which he spontaneously and smoothly demonstrated. Could you do that? Could you do that without any advance notice? Could you do that for all the movements you know? To me, that is really impressive.


Charles C. Goodin