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Respect and Acceptance

I have found that two things are very inexpensive to give but are worth a great deal: respect and acceptance. This is especially true in Karate.

There is a respect given because a person is physically strong. This is shallow. Physical strength declines with age, and even with the best mechanics and conditioning, we do grow slower and weaker with age. Respect for physical strength alone would diminish as a person ages.

But respect for a person's character and humanity will grow with age.

I know people who study many different styles of Karate. I am sure that each of us like our own style, and sometimes might question another person's emphasis in Karate. But I have learned to appreciate and respect different styles and emphases in Karate. My own emphasis has changed many times during my Karate life. One of the things I appreciate is that my Karate friends and I accept each other. We don't look at each other with a look of "I think I could take you." Instead, we have a look of "I think I could learn something from you." "And if you had a problem,I would have your back."

Respect and acceptance, of course, are just as important outside of Karate. Everyone is different. Thank goodness for that! The older I get and the more I experience life, the more I respect people and the more I accept different views and lifestyles.

Life is small when a person is narrow minded. The opposite is also true.

In Hawaii, we have a "mixed plate" for lunch -- different kinds of food. Together they are great. A musubi is good but you can't beat a good mixed plate lunch.

Now I'm hungry.


Charles C. Goodin