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A story of Karate.

Once upon a time, there was a baker who made the best cookies in the whole word. People would stand in line just to be able to purchase a single cookie and when they ate it, they would feel an overwhelming sense of happiness. Each cookie was unique and a masterpiece. But the baker could only produce three or four each day.

One day a cookie company contacted the baker and offered to mass produce his cookies. A factory was built near the original bakery, which was bulldozed to make a parking lot. The new cookies looked the same and were made with the same ingredients, but they were not the same. The lost their uniqueness. When people bought them, they tasted like ordinary cookies.

After selling millions of the new cookies, the baker became disillusioned. He missed making masterpieces. And so he decided to make a new bakery and start over again.

Unfortunately, the cookie company obtained an injunction preventing the baker from ever selling his cookies again, as he had sold them his rights.

And so the baker retired and dreamed for the rest of his life about his original cookies.

The moral of the story is that three or four masterpieces are better than a million ordinary cookies. For that matter, even one or two masterpiece Karate students are better than a million mass produced ones. Sorry, did I say "Karate students"? I meant cookies.


Charles C. Goodin