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Better Than or Worse Than

This is a story.

Bill and Dave were talking in the dojo as they watched Sam perform a kata.

"I hate Sam," said Bill.

"Why?" asked Dave.

"Because he thinks he is better than me."

"He is better than you," said Dave.

"I know that," conceded Bill. "I hate him because he knows it."
In Karate training, there will be many students who are better than you, and many students who you may be better than. Learn from the former and help the latter. But don't ever let it bother you.

Too many people say that such and such a person is "great!" So what? How did that person become great? If he was born great, that won't help you. But if he worked at it, perhaps you can also become great by working the same way.

And if someone attacks you, it doesn't matter that you are better or worse than other students at the dojo. What matters is what you will do at that very moment.


Charles C. Goodin