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Repost About Work and Work Ethics

This is a combined repost of two posts I had written in March of 2011 about work and work ethics.


Here are some things I tell my own children about work, and some things I have heard over the years.
  1. Anything worthwhile takes work.
  2. When they complain that a task is difficult, I say, "That's why they call it work."
  3. If it was easy, they could easily hire someone else could do it.
  4. A job worth doing is worth doing well.
  5. You might not be stronger or smarter than another person, but you can accomplish more by working harder.
  6. Chotoku Kyan used to say, "If he practices three times, I will practice seven!" With this work attitude, Kyan Sensei became a great Karate expert.
  7. Fall down six times get up seven.
  8. When you work for someone, give them 100%. Don't show up late, leave early, call in sick unnecessarily, or spend time on private calls. You are there to work. Earn your pay.
  9. If your boss has to lay someone off, who do you think he will let go -- his best worker or his worst? (That is assuming that the worst worker is not a relative.)
  10. A job is not done until it is done. (Keep working at it until it is done.)
  11. A commitment made is a commitment kept. (If you say you are going to do something, do it.)
  12. If you can learn to work hard at Karate training, you can apply that same attitude to school, work, family obligations... anything.
  13. There is no shame to being less skilled than another Karate student, as long as you are still working at it.
  14. In Karate, the work is never done.
  15. Work on your character is never done either.
  16. Life is easier if you enjoy your profession (job).
  17. Generally, you can get a better job (in terms of pay, benefits, prestige, etc.) if you get a good college education. If you have the opportunity, get a graduate degree.
  18. No matter how good your job may be (in terms of pay, benefits, prestige, etc.) you have to consider your quality of life.
  19. Opportunities rarely come by chance, you have to make them.
  20. You make your luck.
  21. Fish or cut bait.
  22. Crap or get off of the pot.
  23. The sooner you start the job the sooner you will finish it.
  24. Thinking about the job is often harder than doing it.
  25. A lazy employee is like dead wood.
  26. If I have to ask you to do it, I might as well do it myself.
  27. Don't ask me if I need help. I will always say no. If you want to help, help. If you don't want to help, don't was time talking about it.
  28. If you help someone, forget about. If someone helps you, never forget it.
  29. Some workers do the work of three people.
  30. Honest work is always worthy of respect.
  31. Do it now. Do not put it off until tomorrow.
  32. Don't say it, do it.
  33. A large weed was once a small weed. Why didn't you pick it then? It would have been much easier.
  34. Finish one job, begin another. Don't waste time in between.
  35. It is hard to find the time to do everything you need to do. You have to make the time.
  36. What you did (accomplished) yesterday is good, but what are you doing today?
  37. No matter how much education and special training you might have, you work for your client. He might have no such education or training, but he is your boss. You are lucky to have him. Don't forget it.
  38. People who work in ivory towers are resented.
  39. I met many attorneys and doctors who had children who did not want to pursue education or a profession. One day when I stayed late at the law office where I worked, I met a cleaning lady from the Philippines. She had come to Hawaii with her husband. He was a cleaning man too. They had ten children (as I recall): three doctors, two lawyers, two engineers, a school teacher, and two children in college. I was in awe of that couple's accomplishments!
  40. Don't just work hard, work smart.
  41. If you have to walk to the other side of the building to get something, ask yourself if there is anything you could take there.
  42. Karate training is always a work in progress.


Charles C. Goodin