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Perfect Effort

Instead of trying to perform a kata perfectly, try to make a perfect effort. Let's say that you enter a tournament and perform a kata the very best that you can. Who is going to evaluate it? The judges? How do they know how well you did? Do they even know your style and kata? And even if they do, how do they know what you were thinking, how focused you were, whether there were any gaps between your thoughts and actions?

The focus should not only be on the result, which is a subjective thing anyway. The focus should also be on the effort.

If you learn to make a perfect effort, everything you do will improve. If you only learn to copy one thing "perfectly," so what?

Now, you do not make a perfect effort by sitting seiza and yelling: "I will seek to make a perfect effort!" It is not something you can get by yelling, writing, or thinking. It is something you have to do.

So the next time you perform a kata, don't concentrate solely on the moves and timing, concentrate also on the effort you are making. If you truly try your best... congratulations! Now do that all the time.


Charles C. Goodin