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One Minute Bunkai -- Angel Lemus


My good friend, Sensei Angel Lemus, has created a very interesting and useful website called One Minute Bunkai. The URL is oneminutebunkai.com. I hope that you will visit it and watch the bunkai videos -- no music, no verbal explanations... just the techniques shown in a very clear and easy to follow format. I really enjoyed them.

I am very lucky. Through our Hawaii Karate Kenkyukai training sessions, I have had the opportunity to see Lemus Sensei execute such bunkai. He reminds me of a jazz musician, just jamming! He seems to be able to effortlessly transition between techniques and applications -- something I am always working on myself. I have occasionally been on the receiving end of Lemus Sensei's applications, and I can say that they definitely work.

I always say, if you don't know what you are doing, then what are you doing? Bunkai is the meaning of what we do in Karate. One Minute Bunkai is an excellent idea, and I am grateful to Lemus Sensei (and his students) for sharing it with us.


Charles C. Goodin