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Finding Yourself

I often hear young people say that they have to find themselves. My reply is that "your self is not something you find, it is something you make."

Finding yourself is not a miraculous thing. It is not a matter of where you live, but rather how you live. If you can't find yourself here, you won't find it over there. It takes work. It is the result of your interactions with other people. It is the result of the challenges you face and how you face them. It is the result of caring about others and things, and sometimes of loss. What are you willing to do for others?

Finding yourself is really experiencing life... and paying attention to the process and results.

Alcohol and drugs can certainly make the process much harder. There is a saying that most people are born sleeping (unaware because of inexperience) and die drunk (unaware because of excess). Watch it! Beware and be aware!

I am still making my self... a little each day. Karate training is part of this process.


Charles C. Goodin