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Where My Stories Come From

From time to time, I am asked where my stories come from.

The stories I write, and often the blog posts themselves, appear almost like daydreams and I write them down. I usually do not plan them. I will be doing something and the story or post will start to play in my mind (all the parts at the same time, sometimes in words, but usually not). If I find them interesting, I will write them down (sculpt the thoughts with words).

I don't think this is very unusual. The creative process is often a spontaneous thing, with sometimes complex and extensive ideas perceived in an instant.

Of course, I practice and teach, and conduct a fair amount of research. Since I spend so much time on Karate, it is natural that my thoughts and daydreams will sometimes focus on the subject.

But it is not like I say: let's come up with a story or post. They just seem to sprout, like weeds in my garden. I don't have to plant them either!


Charles C. Goodin