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Pinan Yondan - Part 16

By now you've certainly realized my point about the first movement of Pinan Yondan. I could have just as easily used the first movement of any kata, or the second, third, etc.

Any movement can teach you a great deal about Karate. What you learn is cumulative. What you learn in Pinan Yondan will improve your Pinan Shodan. And when you improve your Pinan Shodan, your Pinan Yondan will improve too.

Each movement is like Karate DNA. The building blocks of each movement are essentially the same. And the principles of movement are essentially the same too.

The ending form of movements may differ, but the methods of generating power, of moving, of shifting, of hitting, etc. are essentially the same, especially at the koshi/core level.

Don't you think so?

Do I think that Itosu Sensei intended this for school children? No I don't.

But I do believe that this was inherent of the kata system that preexisted the "modern" kata such as the Pinan and Fukyugata, when Karate masters taught a small group of students, in depth, with an emphasis on the fine points, customized for each student.

Is this relevant today? It is if we make it so.

All it takes is a movement, such as the first movement of Pinan Yondan (you probably knew that I was going to say that).


Charles C. Goodin