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Pinan Yondan - Part 13

The first movement of Pinan Yondan is like... an uncontrolled sneeze.

Imagine that you are standing there, ready, and you suddenly sneeze. That is how the first movement feels.

Have you ever thought about a sneeze? It is a very powerful thing. Why? Because it comes from your core. You don't sneeze with your hands and feet. It comes from your lungs. Your whole body tenses, with very little effort.

Moving in Karate is like that, or at least it can be like that.


You wind up on the "ah" and strike on the "choo."

That is kind of funny. We are talking about "ah choo" when our art comes from "Loo Choo."

Ha ha ha!

Another way to describe the sneeze is like a "core twitch." When you are skilled at koshi dynamics and your body is conditioned, you simply twitch it and movements appear. If it sounds easy, it should be easy.


Charles C. Goodin