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My Christmas Wish

I told my kids that my Christmas wish was for world peace. One of them said that such as wish was a cliche. It sounds like something a contestant would say at a beauty pageant.

But this is really my wish -- world peace.

Since I cannot control the world, I should seek peace in my own daily life, in my family, in my dojo, with my friends, and with my business contacts. If I do this, it will have at least a small impact. An if everyone did so, the result would be World Peace.

I practice and teach Karate as a way to avoid physical violence. A peaceful person is unlikely to provoke a fight and a vigilant person is more likely to recognize and avoid a violent situation. If, as a last resort, the use of Karate's destructive techniques is necessary, then that cannot be avoided and anything goes. But if it is possible, I would run away. I am a pacifist who has practiced martial arts for over 40 years!

My goal for 2012 is to win the Nobel Peace Prize for teaching Karate. That would be something! But prize or not, I will work to promote peace through Karate.


Charles C. Goodin