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Pinan Yondan - Part 9

When you have performed the first movement of Pinan Yondan, you are in nekko ashi dachi (cat stance) with combined chudan and jodan shuto uke or uchi. The next movement is the mirror image, to the right.

But that does not mean that the second movement naturally follows the first. It might, but there are a lot of other things you can do from the first movement.

Even though it is not always present in the kata, you can always kick from nekko ashi dachi. Amazingly, in our kata, when you are in nekko ashi dachi, you usually kick with the back foot in kata, even though the front foot might have less weight on it (depending on what weight distribution you follow).

You might try kicking after you have performed the first movement. Imagine that you are holding or grabbing the attacker with your hands. Where and how would you kick him?

I have heard that if Chotoku Kyan grabbed your arms with his hands, he could kick you in the throat. His legs were almost like arms.

It is good to explore the kicks that could be thrown from any movement in a kata. Although they might not be present in the kata, they are always present in the bunkai (applications) or imi (meaning).


Charles C. Goodin