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Pinan Yondan - Part 8

Let's not forget the drop. You start off in a standing position with your knees only slightly bent. In the first movement, you drop into nekko ashi (with the weight being 50/50 or perhaps 60 [back]/40 [front]). The drop from standing to nekko ashi is not haphazard. It is timed with the strikes.

For me, the "hit" of the drop is timed with the "hit" of the right hand (jodan shuto uchi). This transfers power from the body to the strike(s).

So there are three hits and recoils -- the left hand, the right hand, and the drop into nekko ashi dachi. It is an orchestra of movement designed to generate and transfer power, to draw it back in, and to transfer it to the next movement.

And we have not even addressed koshi (whole body, core driven, body dynamics).

I should add that with the "drop", the right side of your butt can be used to strike and unbalance the attacker. And your right foot could be stomping on the attacker's foot, your left foot could be trapping, etc.

There is a lot going on... and we are not done yet.


Charles C. Goodin