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Pinan Yondan - Part 5

In my last post, I wrote: "With your left arm/hand, you execute a chudan shuto uke (middle knife hand block) or chudan shuto uchi (middle knife hand strike) to the left."

Almost any movement can be executed as a block or a strike. In kata, I execute almost all movements as strikes.

So with my left hand, I am striking, not blocking. Typically, I visualize that I am striking the attacker's neck when I execute a chudan shuto.

While I execute most movements as strikes in kata, that does not mean that I would execute them the same way in a self defense context. There are many interpretations for each movement, and how you do them depends on what you think that you are doing. The response depends on the attack.

My kata performance typically reflects a striking interpretation. I would not alter it to reflect grappling interpretations, but I would practice such applications... and others. The kata will generally look the same but the applications will differ. See: The Why of Bunkai: A Guide For Beginners.


Charles C. Goodin