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Pinan Yondan - Part 11

I wanted to pause for a moment to say that what I am describing with respect to the first movement of Pinan Yondan is how I teach in our dojo, which is part of Kishaba Juku, which is a form of Shorin-Ryu, which is one of the styles of Okinawan Karate. I might teach differently than other instructors in our own dojo, differently than other Kishaba Juku instructors, differently than my own instructors, and we all teach differently than other instructors in other styles.

I might teach differently on Monday and Tuesday, or even at 6 p.m. and 7 p.m.! And I certainly might teach two different students differently.

I would teach the same cumulatively, but it takes a long time to get the cumulative. During that time, my own thinking will have evolved.

So if what I am describing differs from what you have been taught or teach, then welcome to the club!

If it was fixed and static, I would be bored. As it is, Karate is always interesting and exciting to me. It is always new.


Charles C. Goodin