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Pinan Yondan - Part 10

Of course, you exhale with the strikes (in the first movement of Pinan Yondan). You do not hold your breath.

Squeezing out the air is also an important part of the koshi process. It makes the body firmer (less filled with pockets of air) and better able to generate torque driven, whip-like movements.

It also makes sense to exhale or kiai with strikes because you could get hit. If you are close enough to block, the attacker is close enough to hit you.

We tend to exhale through the mouth with a "hiss" sound. Essentially, we kiai this way for all movements. So we kiai all the time.

Making a kiai that can be heard is good for training. That way, I can make sure that the students are doing it. In a self defense situation, the kiai might be silent, or another sound, or even a yell, like "Stop!" or "Help!"


Charles C. Goodin