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What You Think You Are Doing

I have written about this before but it deserves repeating. "How" you perform a kata depends on "what" you think you are doing. If you have no idea about what you are doing, it will be very difficult to perform a kata with feeling and focus.

You can tell a difference between a student who is "just going through the movements" and one who understands what he is doing. No matter how well a student "just goes through the movements," the performance will feel/look shallow and lifeless, like a copy. The more he tries to yell and emphasize movements for dramatic effect, the worse it will become.

But when a student understands what he is doing, the kata comes alive. You can see that he can see!

And as we advance in Karate, our understanding of "what" we are doing will grow. This will be reflected in our performance of the kata.

When you understand "what" you are doing (imi or bunkai), you can then optimize your body mechanics to accomplish those specific objectives.

You don't get medals or trophies for that.


Charles C. Goodin