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Hard to Attend Class

Sometimes it is hard for students to attend class. Sometimes a student might be sick or have too much school work. Or he might have a part time job with a conflicting schedule. There are a million reason why a student might miss class. Occasionally, it is just because the student is lazy.

I attended a class yesterday. The Sensei who conducted the class has had several physical challenges this year. These include two heart attacks, receiving a pacemaker, emergency open heart surgery, the diagnosis of cancer, and the beginning of chemotherapy. All of this has happened just this year! They say that the odds of this Sensei surviving the first heart attack was 2,000 to one. And he started chemotherapy just 3 weeks ago.

Despite all of this, the Sensei was at class yesterday, not only leading the training, but performing kata and explaining applications and history as well.

There are a million reasons why a student might miss class. But for this Sensei, even a million things could not prevent him from training. It is truly amazing what a determined person can do. For this Sensei, such determination is as much a part of his Karate training as punching and kicking.


Charles C. Goodin