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A Room Full of People

This is a story.

A martial arts expert walked into a room filled with people with his friend, another martial artist. After surveying the room he proclaimed, "I could easily defeat every one of these people!"

In fact, the martial arts expert felt this way all the time.

His friend nodded and said, "In an emergency, how many of these people could you help? If there was a hurricane or an earthquake, could you summon the strength to help others, or would you panic? There is more to life and martial arts than fighting skill."

The martial arts expert was so upset that he reared back and was about to punch his friend. Right at that instant, there was a big earthquake....

No there wasn't but you get the point. Self defense skill is useful, but there is certainly more to life and martial arts than that. If there was a hurricane, earthquake, or other disaster, could you summon the strength to remain calm and help others?


Charles C. Goodin