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An Open Letter to My Son: Five Virtues by Dr. Jinichi Tokeshi

Last week when I received the current edition of the Hawaii Pacific Press, I was very pleased to see an article (actually, an open letter to his son) by Dr. Jinichi Tokeshi, a local physician and teacher at the John A. Burns School of Medicine. In addition, Dr. Tokeshi practices Kendo and Iaido (sword art) at the Aiea Taiheji Kendo Club, where my eldest son Christopher practices (and where my third son Cael and I also practiced). Dr. Tokeshi is also the author of Kendo: Elements, Rules, & Philosophy, an excellent book on Kendo.

Here is a link to the article that was published by the Hawaii Medical Journal [Volume 70 No. 8 August 2011]:

As a father, physician, and martial artist, Dr. Tokeshi has some observations and advice that I agree with very much. I hope that you will read the article very carefully.


Charles C. Goodin