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Not Fighting 2

I think I missed one of the points in my last post.

I should have added that the better you become at "fighting" the less that you want to do so. I have practiced Karate for over 35 years and many of my friends have practiced for much longer. I certainly think that my Karate skills are better today than when I was in high school. I know that I can do things today that I could not do back then (except the splits).

But when I was a young man, I think that I had a hotter temper. That temper has cooled quite a bit with age and experience.

I am reminded of a saying that my Sensei in Hawaii, Sensei Rodney Shimabukuro, taught me: "A Karate man does not fear others, he fears his own hand." By this I believe that he means that we fear the consequences of the use of our Karate techniques (or hand) more than we fear being attacked by other people.

If self-defense is unavoidable and the last resort, then you must do your very best without reservation or hesitation. But until that point, you must exert just as much effort to avoid the use of destructive Karate techniques.

Aside from a moral principle, I also believe that this is a logical strategy. Even an attacker who appears weak or lacking in fighting skills could be armed or accompanied by friends who you might not see. He could also have a contagious disease or come back to attack you (or your family) in the future. Avoidance is a good strategy up to a point.


Charles C. Goodin