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One Thing to Make Your Dojo Better Part 2

So here is my answer to the question: "Can you think of one thing to make your dojo better?"

Of course, the answer is that if you improve, your dojo will be better. If you become more skilled, if you understand the applications/meanings of the kata better, if your understand body dynamics better, if you become a better teacher, if you get in better condition, if you attend class more regularly... all of these things will make the dojo better.

A dojo does not improve with a bigger or better space or better equipment. A dojo improves when its members or students improve.

And besides, you are the only thing that you can control. You can try your best to help other students, but you are completely responsible for your own progress. I am not talking about advancement (rank, titles, etc.), I am talking about your personal progress and development as a Karate student. I am talking about what you see when you look in the mirror.

Improvement always starts with yourself. And if you can help other students, that is even better (you will also improve in the process).


Charles C. Goodin